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Bonnie Brae is a beautiful, well establised neighborhood of 273 homes located in Greenville, South Carolina. Home to many young families as well as empty nesters, Bonnie Brae, located near the Donaldson Center and the Bonnie Brae Golf Course, is the perfect place to live.

Or at least it should be. The past few years has seen our neighborhood run by a dictatorship in both the board members and the management company. They have refused to accept the decisions when they have been voted out of office, and unfortunately we are now in a protracted court battle. Full details of the case documents are included on this website. Help us put an end to the HOA corruption.


Do you live in a community managed by the defendant?

Have you been mistreated, intimidated or victimized by your manager, or your board?

Are you a board member who is too scared to stand up to the bullying?

Feel free to share you story with us.

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Latest Court Filing Documents. Trail date scheduled for 2/12/18 9.30am



Tom Wells

Vice President

Trish Crocker

Member at Large

Roman Kanach

Richard King


CASE NUMBER: 2016CP2306406

Nancy Gresham


We have subpoenaed documents and additional records (including bank records) from the defendants. The defendants dropped their motion to quash the subpoena. We are waiting for the Judge to order that all records are to be turned over to us as part of the discovery process. 
Did you know?
The defendants in the case (the former board members) Jeff Dumpert, Tim Roach, Janine Wyman, Julie Hrobsky, Jason Resotka, and Donald Peake, along with Charlene Rice, (the PMIC and owner of HOA Community management) are paying their legal fees from the Bonnie Brae Homeowner's Association bank account. To date they have paid over $30,000 of your money to their lawyer Ryan Oates of McCabe, Trotter, and Beverly.


Result: We are awaiting the order from the judge regarding the April 24, 2017 hearing. The plantiff's names will change, the discovery process will continue, and the case will be amended to include the fraud charges against the defendants.