* Community details have been removed to protect the innocent.

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Let's take a look at the letter and point out the lies and deceipt.

We, the elected Board members have uploaded full details of the proxies submitted to the defendant at the annual meeting, which were thrown in the trash can. No false accusations when documents have been provided to the court for all to see.
We, the elected Board members, were elected at the special meeting which the defendants refused to call, or acknowledge, even though it was called in strict accordance with South Carolina Non-Profit Law. Again, all documents have been provided to the court for all to see.
This website is not a Next Door website, you can't create a Next Door website. Next Door is an app. This website was set up after the refusal of the Defendants to accept the will of the Bonnie Brae homeowners in their successful attempt to remove the board, property manager, and the management company. Everything contained in this website is factual as confirmed by the documents submitted to the court.
  • Roman Kanach IS the legally elected Board President
  • Roman Kanach IS acting on behalf of the community and intends to recover the money fraudulently taken from Bonnie Brae by the property manager, the management company and the former board members.
  • The court required Roman Kanach to amend the style of the original suit so the defendants could attempt to claim the cost of the case from the insurance company. Roman Kanach accepted this and refiled the case as per the Judge's order - a copy of which is on this website.
  • The case was not dismissed, the defendents did not win.
  • The new suit was shared on this website and on Facebook in order to combat the lies being spread that the case had been won by the defendants.
  • The January meeting was in violation of the court, as both attorneys were supposed to run the meeting. The defendents changed the venue to a private location (not the Mauldin Library as it had always been) so they could prevent the plaintiff's attorney from even entering the meeting room, so there could be no quorum verification, and no opportunity for homeowners in attendance to hear from the Plaintiff's attorney. When the plaintiff's tried to speak, the property manager had the police in attendence prevent them from speaking. There could be no vote at the meeting as a quorum was not confirmed. Again plaintiff's proxies were not accepted by the defendents - no surprise there.
  • In order to bring suit against the Plaintiff's, the Association would require 75% of the homeowners to agree to it. There was not 75% of the neighborhood in attendance at the meeting, so again the defendants claim is false, and misleading.
  • The regular financial audits are a sham, and anyone who knows accounting knows the association has NEVER had a forensic audit done. If the defendents have nothing to hide, then why are requests for copies of financial records continuously denied?
  • The suit was amended to a derivative suit bringing action against the property manager, the management company, and the former board, on behalf of all homeowners in Bonnie Brae. Unfortunately, as many of you who are managed by this property manager can attest, many homeowners will not publicly state their utter contempt for the property manager for fear of reprisal.  
  • The cost of the suit against the defendents has been funded out of the pockets of the Plaintiff's - the defendants, including the property manager, have taken over $35,000 of the Association's money to pay their legal fees.
  • The Bonnie Brae homeowners and legally elected board are suing the property manager, her company and the former board members - the suit is listed on this website, and there is a direct link to the court page on the home page.


Maybe instead of copying propoganda letters to distribute to homeowners, the property manager should be copying the association's financial records as required by the court order.

There has recently been a letter distributed to the defendants' communities claiming all sorts of things, which are, of course, inaccurate and full of lies. A copy of the letter is listed below.