Below are links to download the association's conditions, covenants & restrictions (CCRs), and Bylaws. The CCRs are relevant to each homeowner and are the legal binding documents you signed when you purchased your home in Bonnie Brae. The Bylaws are the rules the HOA board are supposed to operate under. Your former board and management company chose to ignore the bylaws as they were an inconvenience to their total control and totalitarian dictatorship.

CCRs are the rules of the association. They govern what homeowners can and cannot do. The CCRs cover items such as voting rights, annual dues/assessments, liens, legal issues, common areas, and use restrictions/ architectural control (ACC) such as parking, fences, landscaping etc.

  • Your rights as a homeowner
  • Annual dues, liens, and legal issues
  • Use restrictions and architechtural control
  • How often the board holds meetings
  • The duties of the board and officers
  • How many board members

We will post relevant neighborhood flyers and newsletters when they become available.

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Your board of directors are a group of volunteers who have the interest of the homeowners as their first and foremost concern. No longer will you be expected to remain silent for fear of reprisal. We are here to work for you by following the bylaws and operating the association in the correct manner.


The bylaws govern how the HOA operates and are the guidelines for how the board needs to run the HOA. The bylaws cover items such as how often the board holds meetings, the duties of the board and officers, how many people are on the board.

The South Carolina Non-Profit law governs all HOAs in the state.